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  • Farmers to benefit from Zambeef Project
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  • Vitalite Solar System brightens up farmers' lives
  • Zambia Signs $100 Mln Grain Export Deals With East Africa
  • LVSCC set to improve the health and productivity of smallholder herds

Zambia Sugar fined heavily for "unfair pricing"
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has fined the country's largest sugar producer, Zambia Sugar, K76 million for alleged discrimination and unfair pricing.
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Zambian budget to fight armyworms increased
The Zambian Ministry of Agriculture says it needs K30 million to combat fall armyworms that have invaded 70 000 hectares of fields.→Click here

Analysts predict reduced maize production in Zambia
Zambia will likely see a decrease in the production of its staple crop maize in 2018 due to a number of challenges experienced, analysts told Xinhua on Tuesday.Click here

Zambia says new farming blocks present good opportunity for investors
The Zambian government said on Friday that new farming blocks consisting of one million hectares of land represents a unique opportunity to attract investment in the country's agriculture sector.Click here

Zambia expects new outbreak of armyworms in 2017/2018 crop season
Zambia said it expects a new outbreak of armyworms in the 2017/18 crop season, after the maize-munching pests ravaged southern Africa earlier this year.→Click here

Govt to fund various agricultural training programmes as part of the seventh National Development Plan (SNDP)
Wheat Government says it fund various agricultural training programmes so that the country has adequate human resource for national development in accordance to the seventh National Development Plan (SNDP).→Click here

As hunger surges, WFP chief appeals for peace on World Food Day
The Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme today made an impassioned plea for peace amid mounting evidence of the links between conflict, migration and rising hunger.Click here

Zambia has not recorded any cases of bird flu says Katambo

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Michael Katambo says Zambia still remains at high risk of the resurgent avian influenza also known as bird flu which has affected some African countries.→Click here

Zambia tackles post-harvest grain losses
The Zambian government has embarked on the construction of 98 warehouses countrywide, at a cost of K300 million, to reduce post-harvest grain losses arising from lack of storage.→Click here


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