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  • COMACO’s rice processing factory to boost smallholder production
  • Zambezi Pineapples commits to improve livelihoods of pineapple producers
  • Bimeda extends its reach to smallholder livestock producers through intermediaries
  • VITALITE unites with partners to tackle Climate Change
  • Pangaea, Musika partner to finance agro sector
  • Musika & ZEMA Partner To Integrate Environmental Stewardship In Agribusinesses

Pineapple processing factory launched
ZAMBEZI Pineapples Limited has launched a pineapple processing factory in Ikelenge at a cost of about US$160,000 that will create market for over 1,200 smallholder farmers in the area.
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What can Kenya Learn from Zambia on Agricultural development?
In Zambia, smallholder farmers rely on rain-fed agriculture and constantly face challenges such as erratic rainfall, fragile soil and poor access to markets.→Click here

Supporting growth in the livestock sector
MUSIKA, an independent Zambian non-profit company, pledged its support to Zambeef's smallholder cattle development project, in the Northern Province, at a recent hand-over of equipment.Click here

Climate change education builds security and capacity in the agri-sector
MUSIKA has trained staff from the ministry of agriculture, from the Zambian National Farmers' Union (ZNFU), and from several agricultural dealers, in Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA).Click here

Zambian Non-GMO grain futures contracts ready to roll
THE Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) director of derivatives, Chris Sturgess, said Zambia has the opportunity to become the regional hub for price discovery and price risk management of non-GM crops, with the new Zambian futures contracts.→Click here

Be change agents – Musika Zambia
MUSIKA Zambia has called on agro- dealers in Chipata to be agents of change by ensuring that they help educate farmers on the importance of climate -smart agriculture practices.→Click here

Inbreeding in cattle: What are the pros and cons associated with mating a bull to its mother and sisters?
DR Danie Odendaal, veterinarian, says living organisms survive and produce offspring because they carry many different genes.Click here

 Soya – Prepare to plant (part 2)

Learn as much as you can about the nutrient requirements of your crop, before you run into problems.→Click here

Food and Agriculture Organization says Zambia is food secure
THE Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Wednesday that Zambia was food secure and there was no need to be apprehensive.→Click here