Senior Management

The Musika Senior Management Team, which constitutes the Executive Committee of Management as prescribed in the Articles of Association, comprises of:  


 Reuben Banda  


 Joshua Munkombwe 


 Rob Munro 

Technical Staff

The technical staff of Musika was largely drawn from the former USAID|PROFIT Programme which finished in 2011 and supplemented by new and younger members of staff with high technical potential. This group of men and women represent some of the most experienced market development practitioners in Zambia and have developed an impressive record for generating results and have a strong credible reputation among private sector actors for their work. Over the years, they have developed a national network of contacts at all levels of the Zambian agricultural market system from senior government and corporate levels through to the smallholder farmer; they also have an international network of development practitioners that they draw upon and strong links to local and international commercial agricultural investment sources.