Environmentally Beneficial Markets

EBMarket 1Musika supports companies offering rural communities products, services and market opportunities that have environmentally beneficial impact such as renewable energy solutions, rural carbon projects with pro-poor benefits and agroforestry and sustainable biomass production.


Cross-cutting themes

Four themes transect all of the work that Musika undertakes in its five core market areas:

1. Ensuring that women play a major role in and benefit from rural market growth.
2. Ensuring that risks to the natural and human health environment associated with the commercialisation of agriculture are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.
3. Championing the role of innovation and technology in smallholder agricultural development.
4. Stimulating greater integration between agri-business and higher education.

Musika assists in facilitating the development of what it has termed environmentally beneficial markets that serve two purposes – firstly to provide non-EBMarket 2traditional market opportunities for smallholders and rural entrepreneurs and secondly to reduce, eliminate or reverse environmental degradation.

Musika's work with four client firms has facilitated the establishment of 400 points of access and provision of environmentally beneficial products and services to over 3,000 rural Zambians.

One major success includes the development of Zambia's first REDD+ project developed by BioCarbon Partners in Rufunsa district which has achieved triple gold standard in its first validation audit.

Zamsolar's first-of-its kind solar mini-grid installation in Sinda district has attracted international attention.

Musika aims to achieve an improved functioning of environmentally beneficial markets, resulting in 60,000 rural Zambians accessing markets which have environmentally beneficial impacts by 2016.