Agricultural Finance Markets

AFMarket 1Musika facilitates the development of and access to financial products and services that are appropriate to the smallholder agricultural market and that have the ability to strengthen its core interventions.



Cross-cutting themes

Four themes transect all if the work that Musika undertakes in its five core market areas:

  1. Ensuring that women play a major role in and benefit from rural market growth.
  2. Ensuring that risks to the natural and human health environment associated with the commercialisation of agriculture are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Championing the role of innovation and technology in smallholder agricultural development.
  4. Stimulating greater integration between agri-business and higher education.

Musika's key areas of focus include assisting financial institutions develop equipment leasing products for the lower end of the market, assisting in the development of cashless electronic payment solutions for farmers and agribusinesses, stimulating the development of credit products that have non-traditional forms of security such as warehouse receipt financing and value chain financing.

Musika also supports insurance companies to introduce simple and low cost risk mitigation products into the rural market.AFMarket 2

Musika has implemented various interventions with six client firms and facilitated access by over 900 smallholders to selected financial services.

Musika aims to achieve an improved functioning of agricultural finance markets, resulting in 10,000 smallholder farmers accessing specific financial services by 2016.